What We Do

At Creative Kidz we offer quality infant care for children 12 weeks to 23 Months. Our infant class is limited to 8 infants and separated by age; with a smaller group size, your child will be sure to get one on one attention. We offer a nurturing environment for your little one. We use a mixture of soft music, natural lighting, and neutral color schemes. Upon sign up, we will invite you to join our app that allows you to view your child’s daily updates and and and photos. Through this app you can stay connected and with our staff 7 days a week!

We offer interactive activities and art for children ages 12 to 23 months. Aimed to developing gross and fine motor skills, as well as language, art, cognitive, social, and manipulative to stimulate your child’s sensory needs.


  • Gross motor skills: Rolling, crawling, and pulling themselves up to explore their environment.
  • Fine motor skills: Hand movements, to hold small items, eat, turn pages, and basic sign language to communicate.
  • Cognitive skills: 5 senses, exploring different routines and commands, interactive song, and dance.
  • Social & emotional skills: Soothing themselves when supported by a caregiver, engaging, and communicating with others, forming relationships, and routines.
  • Art Projects for children 12-23 months.
  • 2018-2019 Buttercups Themes
  • Our Day at a Glance - Toddlers 12-23 Months